January 12, 2019

media-sound/yoshimi is updated to 1.5.10, but.. ??

Yoshimi 1.5.10 has been released or not ???

The archives are uploaded. But the release seems to be postponed

I updated my package in wjn-overlay,
but another update will be needed in the near future maybe...

Maintainance updates for MATE packages

MATE packages in wjn-overlay are overhauled, and 5 packages are updated

In wjn-overlay, there are development packages (9999) only, no release version. Upstream's commits might be broken sometimes. Take care

I maintain my packages mainly for dependencies
  • mate-base/caja
  • mate-base/mate-control-center
  • mate-base/mate-panel
  • mate-extra/caja-dropbox
  • mate-extra/caja-extensions
Though Upstream added Wayland support to mate-panel, I don't tested it

January 3, 2019

Audacious 3.10.1 is released

Audacious 3.10.1 is released, it is a bugfix release
I updated the packages in wjn-overlay. Old 3.10 is removed

November 21, 2018

Hiawatha is added temporarily

www-servers/hiawatha is not fully maintained in gentoo repository because of the lack of any maintainer

Hiawatha is a robust and secure web server with a simple configuration syntax
Because Apache had too complicated syntax to write, Hiawatha was born

I add the package temporarily. I don't have enough vilality to become an official maintainer (matters of my health)

acme-sh is added

acme.sh is an ACME client, written in shell script. It can be used for Let's Encrypt
ACME v2 is supported. SAN and wildcard certificates can be obtained
( dns-01 challenge is needed for wildcard certificates
 Of course, wildcard is not a FQDN, such as *.example.com cannot be hosted as a web server! )

Since Gentoo's package name spec does not allow . (dot),
it is in gentoo repository as acme-sh

acme.sh is a bit weird. It can be install to your user directory, then root privilege is not required

But it should be installed to global directories and run by root for most cases
Also, package managers install packages to global directories. some tweak is prefered when a package manager is installing it

That's why I add the package in my wjn-overlay