October 7, 2018

This blog is moved from gh.asis.li

This blog is moved from gh.asis.li, that's my blog about software, Internet and so on.
In this blog, I will write also about my Gentoo Linux's personal repository, wjn-overlay.

Since English isn't my native language, my English may be poor and weired. But I'll dare to write this blog in English.
That's because Blogger isn't multilingual in a single blog.
I won't write in Japanese here.

Anyway, I choice Blogger.
I know Google services isn't libre. But Google contributes OSS such as Linux, you know.

I do not like Facebook and also G+. (Yes, I hate Facebook 😈)
But in Blogger, custom domain settings are free option. And also, Blogger is ad-free.
Many other blog services such as Wordpress.com are not.

I like static site builders. But I'm always tired and often lazy. I couldn't write posts in the former blog.
Perhaps Blogger will be easy to use for me.