January 12, 2019

media-sound/yoshimi is updated to 1.5.10, but.. ??

Yoshimi 1.5.10 has been released or not ???

The archives are uploaded. But the release seems to be postponed

I updated my package in wjn-overlay,
but another update will be needed in the near future maybe...

Maintainance updates for MATE packages

MATE packages in wjn-overlay are overhauled, and 5 packages are updated

In wjn-overlay, there are development packages (9999) only, no release version. Upstream's commits might be broken sometimes. Take care

I maintain my packages mainly for dependencies
  • mate-base/caja
  • mate-base/mate-control-center
  • mate-base/mate-panel
  • mate-extra/caja-dropbox
  • mate-extra/caja-extensions
Though Upstream added Wayland support to mate-panel, I don't tested it